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Georgia Tech
Old Civil Engineering Building Renovation:

Atlanta, GA

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West Town Pattern Book:
Atlanta, GA

Resorts, Clubhouses & Smal Hotels

Going Green Campaign House: Atlanta, GA

Blythewood Sustainability Guidelines:
Blythewood, SC

Juniper Streetscape:
Atlanta, GA
Rogers Bridge Dog Park + Rain Garden: Duluth, GA Rogers Bridge Dog Park + Rain Garden: Duluth, GA

TSW is committed to developing sustainable places for future generations through a community planning and design process that links tradition and context with today's cultural and environmental demands.

Sustainable design is an integral part of any design at TSW; from the master plan level to the window detail, we ensure our clients are receiving progressive energy-saving solutions. Our designs routinely consider a range of ideas from building orientation for energy conservation to improving stormwater systems, from incorporating recycled materials to protecting and enhancing natural resources.

TSW is very knowledgeable on sustainable strategies that not only save earth’s resources but the building owner’s as well. To that end TSW is current on LEED Certification Standards as well as Southface’s EarthCraft Program. TSW was recently honored to be selected by the U.S. Green Building Council to conduct pilot testing for LEED-ND on one of our urban infill projects for BrockBuilt. TSW employs LEED Accredited Professionals and is a member of the USGBC.


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