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New Township
Chennai, India

TSW has been working on developing a master plan for a new township, a 450-acre mixed-use development in southwest Chennai, India. In an area of intense industrial and IT growth, the new township is envisioned as a new city that will provide much needed community uses, including a variety of residential options, a school, hospital, hotels, and retail, in addition to an information technology/business park, convention center, film academy, sports academy, and golf course.

The project will be environmentally sustainable with a 10 percent open space reservation and minimum 25 percent greenspace allocation. Additional environmental features will include rooftop gardens, cisterns for rainwater collection, and a walkable grid to reduce vehicular trips. In addition, the project will incorporate a self-sustainable infrastructure system with its own water treatment plant and communication network.

Designed as a grid that radiates out to highlight the adjacent lake and views, the master plan focuses the highest density uses to the northern portion of the site with residential and office towers and the golf course, hotel, and residential villas located in the southern, narrower portion of the site.

Master Plan

Conceptual Architecture

View from Lake

Entrance to New Township

Park Landscape Concept Plans and Sections

Urban Form Studies

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