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Recent International Projects

Las Catalinas:

Las Catalinas:
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Choc Estate:

Choc Estate:
St. Lucia

New Township:

Lisi Lake Master Plan: Tblisi, Republic of Georgia


Pacific Coast, Nicaragua

New Township: New Township:
Chennai, India
Yucuiyan  Landscape Design: Pulandian, China

Yucuiyan Landscape Design:
Pulandian, China

TSW has been involved in community planning and design across the globe since the early 1990s from Central America to Southern Asia.

Our team of planners, architects, and landscape architects understands how to quickly assess local planning environments abroad, collaborate with knowledgeable local design and engineering firms to facilitate local politics, and provide constant communication between the client, stakeholders, and local officials to ensure an efficient planning and design process.

TSW's current international work includes projects ranging from new town planning to clubhouse and residential architecture to landscape architecture for plazas and open spaces.


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