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At TSW, architects and planners work side by side to create buildings that complement, reinforce, and animate each community’s unique structure. Careful attention is given to a building's visual character, with concepts grounded in local and regional architectural traditions as well as sustainable design. Our architects excel at the practice of Architecture as a balancing act, solving the pragmatic and concrete demands of construction, such as shelter, code and budget, while creating structures that enhance the aesthetic and artistic aspects of each community.

Our mixed-use design experience has matured over the past ten years with our studio creating mixed-use buildings for traditional town centers to more industrial style architecture for urban infill projects. Our residential design expertise is the result of over 25 years of working with developers and homeowners in primary, secondary and resort communities throughout the world. TSW’s residential services include renovation or new construction for all residential types, public or private. We also create more public community buildings to meet a variety of needs, ranging from recreational and fitness facilities to very large municipal centers. TSW's community architecture focus also includes churches and schools. Our approach to these facilities, as in all of our work, is to find an appropriate visual character linked to regional context, but equally reflective of current cultural values.

We produce sustainable designs for:

  • Mixed-use and Urban Infill
  • Churches, Schools, and Community Buildings
  • All residential products, public and private
  • Commercial and Retail Buildings

We also provide:


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